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As I drove up to the school building and saw the big grin on Bailey’s face and her arms flailing around (and a smile on the principal’s face), I exhaled. She had a wonderful first day.


Now, here we are at day two and I’m still kinda holding my breath. The staff at the school doesn’t really know her yet and her IEP won’t be updated until they have a chance to observe her for about two months. While she may have several great days, it only takes one little thing to set her off and turn things upside down. From what the principal told me at the IEP meeting they will have several emergency drills during the first couple of weeks. She has a great deal of anxiety over any type of alarm and I’m hoping that by me alerting the principle to that fact they will work with her closely during those times. I’m also concerned about the morning routine. The kids are kept in an extremely noisy cafeteria until being released to their classrooms and that is sure to send her into sensory overload. At her last school she was taken to a dim, quiet room where she could lay under a weighted blanket and read a book to decompress after being in the hustle and bustle of the cafeteria at lunchtime. Now her day is going to start out in that chaos? That is definitely going down on my list of things to discuss at our follow up IEP meeting.

For now I will take one day at a time and try not to worry too much about what might and might not happen at school. Just leave it in God’s hands to watch over her when she’s there. Now that she’s started school and we’re settled in I need to begin the search for a team to work with her on her behavioral and emotional issues. We need to restart what was interrupted with the last specialist. He had such a wonderful plan of action and I regret so much that we won’t have him to work with her. But I’m hopeful that with an Autism Speaks office so close by I will find some great resources here.

Wish me luck 🙂


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