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It is now one of the two times a year I absolutely detest. The changing of the seasons. It’s not the season itself. I LOVE Autumn… the beautiful reds, yellows and oranges in the trees, the smell of apples and cinnamon, picking out pumpkins, carving them and roasting the seeds, the fall festivals, THANKSGIVING (especially this year because after three loooooong years I am going back home for a visit!), and to top it all off magical, precious, peaceful Christmas. No, it’s not all those things I dread with every fiber of my being.

It’s the two times a year I have to go clothes shopping for my very intolerant, inflexible aspie.

She doesn’t want long sleeves on her arm so she pulls and tugs then tries to bunch them up to her elbows. But that is uncomfortable so she will pull her arms out and stand there with both arms inside the shirt, or maybe with the shirt hanging around her neck. The jeans are too stiff and she will perform gymnastics on the floor, twisting her body this way and that to force them into submission, but ultimately will take them off. She can feel the shirt seam that runs across her back so she will tear the shirt off in a huff. Layers are intolerable. She refuses to sit in the car with her jacket on. Enter car with jacket on, take jacket off…when we reach our destination put jacket on (added to the wrestling match she has with the seatbelt every time she gets in the car because it MUST NOT BE TWISTED), and all at a snail’s pace… it’s a wonder I get anywhere on time. New shoes feel weird. Walk a few steps and stop to fidget with them. Walk a few steps and sit down in the middle of the sidewalk/grocery store aisle/mall food court to take them off and sit there frozen with a frown. Nevermind the people tripping all over her. Then she will proceed to let the entire town know just how displeased she is by yelling that the shoes disgust her.  I have given up on snow and rain boots. Too many meltdowns to count.

Oh, I’ve tried wrestling the clothes or shoes or jackets onto her body, but Bailey is a very tall 7-year-old who is 90% arms and legs. Plus she’s more than half my size. It ain’t a pretty tussle.

And once we have weeded out the rejects and washed the acceptable items so they are soft enough to tolerate, the flowers will begin to bloom, the birds will begin to chirp and the butterflies will burst out of their cocoons… Spring will be upon us. And it will begin all over again.


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  1. Oh, do we feel your pain. All I need is a pair of PLAIN BLACK SNEAKERS for a toddler because if the shoes have characters on them, B just keeps stopping to look at them. In the process of bending over to look at them, he falls over. I am always forced to spend $35 per pair on shoes at LL Bean just to get solid color shoes. As for socks….seams are a death sentence for anyone within a 5 mile radius! God bless our ASD kiddos, and God save us!

    • So glad to know I’m not alone in that! We seem to have gotten a good handle on the winter clothes, although we’re only a few outfits into it so far… Now it’s on to the winter shoes. Even though I go with what has worked past winters it’s still a struggle because she has to get used to them all over again and it always causes such a battle! And a big AMEN to God blessing our kids and saving our sanity 😉

      • And oh yes….the socks!! Right now nothing is tolerable except for ankle socks and it is getting really chilly out there. I’m trying to push the higher ones but she is just not biting!

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