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Moving on

It has been months since I’ve been able to sit down and write. I feel awful because just as I was getting this blog started life got so hectic and my new outlet was placed on the back burner. So much to tell, but the condensed version is this: school for Bailey was MISERABLE. Our home life was MISERABLE. My husband’s job was MISERABLE. So we packed up and moved. Yep, call us nomads. This is move #4 in 4 years. But you won’t hear complaint one out of me. There is absolutely nothing about where we were that I will miss. And we are all so much happier where we are.

My husband was offered a job by a former boss at a company in Philadelphia. This man is someone he admires, respects and generally likes. That is saying a lot for him as most people get on his nerves. He’s so much like Bailey. Or she is like him. Anyway, I am so happy that he has found a company to work for that holds so many possibilities for him. As hard as he works, he deserves to feel rewarded by his work.

On to Bailey, that school was just not working. She was drowning in a sea of kids and there were not enough life jackets (resources) for Aspies like her. She was expected to kick her feet and make it to the shore just like all the good swimmers (NTs). I was being flooded with emails of “issues” and “problems” but no one there had solutions. They had her IEP goals written up nicely, but no strategies in place to help her reach those goals. They would ask me to “talk to her” (insert hysterical laughter here) about her behavior. The last email I received from the teacher was her going on and on about how my daughter was being “sneaky” about getting a ride in the nurse’s wheelchair because she complained of leg pain. One thing that is the truth about Bailey, when she feels any sort of pain, whether it’s level 10 or level 1, in her mind it’s ALWAYS level 10. She’s not trying to be “sneaky” or setting out to inconvenience anyone. Regardless, it became very apparent to me after that, and all the other emails I received from the teacher, for some reason this woman was taking my daughter’s challenges very personal and I had just about had it. I knew in my heart Bailey would never receive the little bit of extra understanding and compassion she needs at that school.

So in a whirlwind of moving boxes and great timing, here we are. A fresh start in southeastern Pennsylvania. We are unpacked, Easton has been at his new job since April 1st, and Bailey has been at her new school for one week. And both are happy. And that makes me happy. The school reminds me so much of the one Bailey attended in Ohio, and that is a really good thing. They have been nothing but warm, welcoming and so eager to help Bailey in any way they can. The special education teacher’s room is right next door to Bailey’s classroom. The room has a trampoline, a swing, and all the learning and fine motor skill resources you can imagine. She welcomes Bailey to take motor breaks whenever she feels it’s necessary. There is a 1:1 para in Bailey’s classroom with her throughout the day. They’ve put Bailey in a social skills “friendship” group. They have been more than accommodating in every way I can imagine. After I dropped her off on her first day, I floated to my car with such a feeling of peace.

I can’t remember the last time I felt that way.

My hope has returned.


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