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Recommended Books

This is a list of books that I have read or am in the process of reading (in no particular order). They are the ones that have benefitted us the most and I highly recommend you check them out. Don’t forget also to check your local library for books on Asperger’s and Autism. A few of the first great books I read on Autism I found at that library so don’t feel like you have to buy every one you see; however, the books listed below I’d recommend you keep a copy of your own. Happy hunting!

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1001 Great Ideas for Teaching and Raising Children with Autism or Asperger's - Ellen Notbohm

This is one of my favorite go to books. It is full of great ideas. It touches on the basics but isn’t full of scientific mumbo jumbo and stastical hoopla. It just has great ideas to make day-to-day life just a little easier for your child. I highly recommend this book if your child has Sensory Processing Disorder as well.

All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome

This was the first book I gave to my daughter after explaining her diagnosis to her. It’s adorable and relatable, and it doesn’t hurt that she loves cats.

Asperger's and Girls

This one I’m in the middle of reading and looks like it will have some great information in it. It’s a compilation of several experts, including Tony Attwood and Temple Grandin. I gravitate towards books that are about Asperger’s AND girls because it’s so apparent that Asperger’s affects girls so much differently than it does boys.

Asperger's in Pink

This is one of the first books I read after Bailey’s diagnosis. It’s really just one mother’s perspective and about the trials she went through with her daughter. It was great for me because I didn’t feel so alone.


Award-winning teacher Jennifer Cook O’Toole is exploding in the Asperworld and she has a very unique perspective, having a house full of Aspies and having Asperger’s herself. So, um, yeah, I’d say she’s an expert.

Parenting Girls on the Autism Spectrum

Another book about raising girls on the spectrum that was very useful. Mostly it’s about Eileen Riley-Hall’s experiences with her daughters but it’s also chock full of websites and other resources to help you along the way. I can’t say enough about how helpful she is in her book.

Parenting Your Asperger Child

This is the first book I checked out at the library after Bailey’s diagnosis. It has a lot of helpful information in it for home and school use. It even includes an at-home assessment. While I don’t recommend “self diagnosing” it is helpful to guide you in the right direction in knowing if you should have your child (or yourself) assessed by a professional.

Quirky Yes Hopeless No

A good book to pick from. I haven’t read it cover to cover but rather I go to sections that I need to pull from at any given time and read through it for helpful information.

Smart but Scattered

Ah, I just started this one and I’m very anxious to read it. My daughter’s face should be on the cover! I’m really hoping it can give me some useful ideas on helping her with her (lack of) executive functioning skills.

The Complete Guide to Asperger's Syndrome

Another one of my first books. Tony Attwood is one of the greatest resources in the Asperger world and this is said to be the Asperger’s Syndrome bible so make sure you keep it on your shelf, even if you don’t read it cover to cover. It has loads of great information.

The Way I See It

I haven’t read this one yet but it’s next on my list! I’ve seen the very touching movie about her and I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t see it yet.

I’ll make sure to add to this list as I read more. Feel free to comment if you have any recommendations.


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  1. Thank you so much for including “Asperkids”! It’s just wonderful to see how “catchy” positivity, a little bit of creativity and a whole lot of honesty can be. I’m so proud to get to be part of your family’s lives – hope you and your daughter like the other Asperkids books (like the Secret Book of Social Rules), too…this life is definitely a team sport! 🙂

    Very warmly,


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